7 Myths About Tankless Water Heaters You Need To Stop Believing!

Tankless water heaters have taken the home appliances industry by the storm. Since the time they have been introduced in the market, they have out shadowed the conventional water heaters. Every house owner is buying them, from the home maker to the conservationist to the comfort and convenience minded. And all of this is for all the right reasons, with a tankless water heater you get better efficiency, you get a limitless supply of hot water that does not occupy more space than a large suitcase.
The above mentioned features are what most people think about when they are thinking about changing their water heaters. No brainer, right? Well, while there are many who look at the brighter sides of this appliance, there are many who argue that these are not effective. But the people who say that these water heaters are of no use have been misled by certain myths and rumours.
As tankless water heaters are a fairly new technology, people do not have much knowledge about it. They tend to believe the misconceptions.
If you are a house owner who is considering buying tankless water heaters, here are 7 myths about tankless water heaters that you need to stop believing.

(1) Tankless water heaters can burn a hole in your pocket:

Upgrading to a tankless water heater may seem to be expensive at first. The installation may cost you a considerable amount of money, but what you fail to understand is that when compared to the traditional water heaters it will save a whole lot of money in the long run as it uses less energy. Furthermore, it will also pay for itself in a certain time period.

Tankless water heaters have a low operating cost but at the same time they provide you with a longer and more productive service life. The energy factor or EF on a normal water heater tank can be as low as 60 but tankless water heaters are in the mid-80s. Tankless water heaters are up to 25% more efficient that your average heater. Furthermore, it does not store hot water that is not being used so you do not have to spend extra money on something you are not using.

When you stop believing the myth that tankless water heaters are super-expensive and actually buy it, you will get to enjoy the results for yourself.

2) Tankless water heaters deliver hot water “instantly”:

Somehow the word ‘instant’ is now synonymous to ‘tankless’ in the minds of consumers. The fact, however, is that when a conventional water heater is replaced by a tankless water heater in its existing location, it is not going to deliver hot water to your faucet at the speed of light. It may be quicker than the older model, but to use the word ‘instant’ is over exaggeration.

You also need to understand that they require natural gas hence they will only start working when they sense flow. In this case there can be an additional few seconds before the hot water reaches the faucet. Basically the speed of hot water is determined by the distance at which the water heater has been installed from the faucet.

(3) It does not provide consumers with enough water:

Another major misconception about tankless water heaters is one that deems it as inefficient. It paints a picture that a tankless water heater does not provide the recipient with adequate amount of water. This myth also goes on to suggest that only the traditional storage tank water heaters can hold ample amount of water.

But the truth of the matter is that in-flowing cold water cannot keep the out-flowing water at a consistency. Tankless water heaters are designed to keep the out-flowing water at a consistent temperature, which simply enables them to provide users with enough amount of water at all times.

4) Pretty much all tankless water heaters are same:

This is a rather funny myth! Apart from the obvious fact that they are all “tankless” in nature, each of them comes with a specific purpose that it serves. There might be some brands that will rank higher than the others as they provide customers with a better increase of firepower and are much easier to install. Throughout the years, tankless water heaters have become highly reliable, cost effective and in some cases convenient to install. Some of the brands are better than the rest for specific applications.

But amongst these things one fact that goes unnoticed is that no matter what the quality of the unit is, if it is not installed properly, your house is going to suffer. So how do you distinguish between a good and bad one? Well, you hire a professional to do the dirty work for you. They are experts and they will assess the requirements of your house and suggest a tankless water heater that meets your specific needs.

(5) The water is overheated:

This misconception arose from the fact that the temperature of the heated water in the tankless water heater is scalding hot, which poses a health hazard. But you would be surprised to know the truth, this myth is actually quite opposite and is actually true for the traditional water heaters and not the tankless ones. The older models used to overheat the water that was stored in the tank when there was not enough hot water with the influx of cold water. But tankless water heaters are safer than traditional water heaters as they only heat the water a little more above the desired temperature.

(6) It will not supply constant hot water:

There are many people out there who believe that a tankless water heater will be unable to provide them with a constant flow of water. They have been made to believe that eventually cold water will enter the flow of hot water. But what such people need to understand is that it is just not possible, the cold water can in no ways enter the flow of hot water as it has to be pass through a heating element before it finally reaches the outlet, hence with a tankless water heater you are guaranteed with a steady stream of hot water.

All you need to do is to turn the hot water on and enjoy the continuous flow of hot water. People need to stop believing myths, just because a tankless unit does not store water does not mean it does not have the power to meet the demands of the consumers.

(7) They require annual inspections:

This is one myth that you can say goodbye to forever! With a tankless unit you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that you do not have to spend on the inspection of this system every year. Unlike your dental or doctor appointments, your tankless water heater is one appliance that by no means requires an annual inspection. Although, you should not take it too lightly, you need to make sure that you keep inspecting the system for any potential damage from time to time.

Debunking these 7 myths about tankless water heaters was really important! House owners need to steer clear of such baseless myths and choose a tankless water heater. Go tankless for better efficiency!
  1. Last night me and my wife was arguing about cost of a tankless water heater. People says that it costs a lot compared to tank type water heater and as these units are active for almost all the time will they consume more power than a tank type heater? If you could help me on this then it will be great help.
    We're planning to buy it due to space issue and sometime it consumes too much time when we already running late.

  2. It really helped to know that tankless water heaters cannot produce cold water at all. The apartment I live in is quite large as I am also living in with a couple of my old high school roommates, and one of the problems we encountered was how the heater occasionally runs out of hot water when everyone takes showers at once. With the winter season approaching, something like that would be very inconvenient, so I'll make sure we get a tankless water heater installed in our place before the cold rolls in.

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