An Insight Into Solar Water Heaters

One of the most ground-breaking discoveries in the recent times is solar energy. People are pretty excited about the idea of using sun rays for a variety of purposes. Solar energy has been taking the scientific and technological fields by the storm since the time of its inception.

Solar systems are becoming effective and cheaper to install with each passing day and people want to grab this opportunity to use the most abundant natural resource on the surface of earth – sunlight.
Amongst others, solar water heating is one of the most commonly talked about concepts these days. It is without a doubt a very intelligent way to harness sun-obtained power; the house owners who have installed this system highly recommend such systems. It is because such systems can save a major part of your normal electricity bill.
But the question that every house owner wants an answer for is, is it really worth the cost? To give you a clear picture regarding solar water heaters, we have compiled below a list of the pros and cons of such systems. But before you get to know the pros and cons of this system, you need to know how it works.

How it works?

A solar water heater functions in a very simple manner; it directly heats the water that is supplied to your home’s tap. Such systems are available in two varieties – active and passive. The active heater is the unit wherein the water flows through a number of pipes that are fitted in the solar panel and once the water gets heated, it is supplied to your home. The other variety is the passive unit that consists of a storage tank and solar collection tank wherein water can be deposited to be used later on. The passive unit can prove to be a beneficial option for houses that require hot water in the evening.

What are the advantages of solar water heaters?

The list of pros is quite long when it comes to solar water heaters, these pros could be quite satisfactory for a house owner to take up the initial expense of getting such a system installed.

Environment friendly and effective heating:

If you are an individual who wishes to do his or her part for the environment, then this unit is the perfect choice for you. One of the most important advantages of getting a solar water heater is that it reduces your carbon footprint. It is no secret that fossil fuels and other natural resources are getting depleted gradually, as a result of which our planet earth is getting damaged. By choosing a solar water heater, you are choosing an eco-friendly way to heat water and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint by not utilizing natural resources like gas or hydro power.
solar panels

ROI guaranteed:

For those of you who are not that concerned about the environment, can also gain profit by installing solar water heaters, it is the money that you will save on the energy bills once you have this system installed in your premises. The initial cost may be a bit expensive but you can rest assured that you are entitled to getting the return on your investment as you are going to be utilizing an abundant natural resource and we are not going to run out of sunlight anytime soon! It all depends on the location of your house and the climate. Experts say that a solar heater can cut down the water heating bills by 50-80%.

No maintenance hassles:

Unlike the conventional water heating units, solar water heaters do not require regular maintenance checks to keep running. But to be on the safer side, you might want to carry out inspections after a specific time period to make sure that you are getting the best out of the system.

Does not make noise and easy to install:

If you decide to go for the passive solar heater, you might require more space to fit in the storage tank, but if you choose the active kind, it will blend in your home’s environment effortlessly. A solar water heating system does make any kind of noise, you won’t even know that it is working at all and yet you will get your supply of hot water.

We do not believe in providing you with just the happy side of the story, we give you the harsh truth as well. So here are the major drawbacks of a solar water heater.

High installation cost:

As already mentioned multiple times, the installation cost of a solar water heater is pretty high when compared to other forms of heaters. And the truth of the matter is that you will have to wait for certain years before you get your initial investment back as it takes a lot of time to match up to the installation cost that is pretty high in most cases.

The system depends on the weather to function:

One of the major drawbacks of a solar water heater is that it is completely weather dependant. The efficiency and productivity of such a system is entirely influenced by the hours for which your house might experience sun light. If you reside in a location that has lesser hours of sunlight and has a colder climate, you might want to think carefully before making the investment.

Can be used only for a single purpose:

A solar water heater can only provide you with a steady flow of hot water; it is not like a complete solar electricity system that creates electricity that can be employed by all the machines of the house. It serves one purpose alone – providing recipients with hot water.

Should you invest in a solar water heater?

A solar water heater is beyond doubt a very expensive investment, but it holds a great future potential. In the coming years, owing to the destruction mankind has brought upon earth, the energy prices are only going to go higher, to avoid yourself from incurring a huge loss down the line, it is better to make a smart investment now.

Go natural, go solar!

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