Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Navien NPE – 240 – Tankless Gas Water Heater Review

Navien tankless water heaters have been in the US market for quite some time; they are a trusted brand when it comes to providing value for money products for the client. They keep themselves updated with the latest technological trends to ensure optimal benefits for the recipients. The latest addition to their tankless collection is the Navien NPE – 240 – A Tankless Gas Water Heater.
The Navien NPE- 240 A has a minimum input of 19,990 Btu/h with its maximum topping off at 199K. The negative gas valve and fan with dual venture operation allows for better adaptability to low gas pressure applications. The operating gas pressures of 3.5 “ w.c. – 10.5 “ w.c. are required. One of the most special features of this product is the stainless heat exchangers that are an industry exclusive at the moment. The NPE model features a “comfort flow” built in recirculation system that monitors the use patterns and closely matches the hot water needs of a home or commercial building in an effort to eliminate ‘cold water sandwich’ that was a common problem with the older water heater models. A built in buffer tank and recirc pump are included.
The NPE-240-A model has ¾ water, recirculation and gas connections. The unit comes equipped with a standard 120V appliance cord and operates between 200 and 300 watts. The typical safety devices included with the product are a flame rod sensor, ignition operation detector, water temp high limit switch, power surge fuse and an exhaust temp high limit sensor.
One of the other beneficial features of this brand is that the overall size is large when compared to the other top brands available on the market. This is a really positive feature as the larger cabinet allows more room inside. Other tankless models are super cramped in nature but this one is a quite spacious.
Dozens of models may have come and went by but none of them had the built in features that the NPE possesses. It has the ability to operate under such low gas supply pressure, link up to 16 units in one group easily with a simple cable and control configuration. All in all, this is a perfect tankless model in a budget!
navien npe-240s

Navien NPE 240 On Demand Water Heater’s Product Specification:

Product dimensions: 17.3 x 13.2 x 27.4 inches
Weight: 82 pounds
Wattage: 200 watts
Voltage: 120 volts
Suitable for residential and commercial purposes
Highly energy efficient
Does not emit too much noise
Can require up to 199,999 BTUs
A bit more expensive than traditional heaters.
Installation comes with venting needs

Navien On Demand Gas Water Heater - Review that can help you:

Mark Heffner,
This product is amazing! I installed it in the middle of February this year and I must say you get what you pay for with the Navien 240 A. I just cannot imagine myself going back to a big 50 gallon water tank and running out of hot water on a daily basis. So glad I upgraded, great product, recommend to everyone!
Kevin Raphael,
I love the thing! It does a great job, it comes with a built-in recirc, pump and works just fine. Earlier I used to run to have to run water for almost two minutes before the hot water finally reached me, but not it is a matter of only a few seconds. Furthermore, the exhaust heat is so cool, you can vent with PVC, no more wasted heat going out.

Navien NPE240S – NG Premium Condensing Tankless water heater

navien npe-240s

Navien NPE240S On Demand Water Heater Product Specification To Buy:

Product dimensions: 13.2 x 17.3 x 27.4 inches
Weight: 75 pounds
Wattage: 200 watts
Voltage: 120 volts
Capacity: 11 gallons per minute
Navien is hands down one of the most popular and renowned water heater brands out there. It has always been one of the leading companies in providing water heating equipment for decades. Over the years they have become one of the most reputable and fastest growing companies in the home and comfort sector. They are experts when it comes to providing condensing tankless gas water heaters and condensing combo boilers. Their product Navien NPE240S is a shining example of this fact.
The Navien NPE240S is state of the art tankless water heater that has been harnessing nothing positive reviews since it was first introduced in the market in 2013. This heater is known to be one of the company’s most powerful products as it can provide a continuous flow rate of up 11.1 gallons per minute at a 45 degree temperature rise at a 35 degrees rise. This simply means that this model is strong enough to cater the needs of a mansion with about 6 to 7 bathrooms or even a small apartment building quite effectively? With that said, this model is also adept enough to be used for commercial spaces, considering how powerful it is.
Apart from these features the unit is highly compatible and blends well even if installed in an open area and this is because of its friendly body design. Furthermore, the controls could not be easier, all you need to do is click a button to change the water temperature to the degree you desire and lock it accordingly. The model at hand comes with an impressive warranty of 15 years for residential users. This is one product you do not want to miss buying.
Saves money in the long run
Resistant to corrosion and erosion
Lowers the energy costs
Unit does include copper and gas pipe
Does not include PVC
Needs maintenance at regular time intervals

Navien NPE240S Tankless Water Heater’s Reviews to follow:

Rachel Paul:
Purchased it recently and had it installed by a skilled plumber, I finally got rid of my 50 gallon water heater that was more than 8 years old. And I am so glad I chose this unit, I would recommend it to any and everybody and would not hesitate to give this Navien product a 5 star rating!
Emmanuel John:
I had concerns regarding my energy bills and since the time I have had this Navien unit installed at my place I have been at peace. My energy bills have significantly lowered and my family does not fight over not getting enough hot water to use, even when three showers are being used simultaneously. Totally love the product and recommend to everyone.
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