Storage Water Heater Vs Instant Water Heater: The Better Option?

Buying a house is an important milestone in every individual’s life. We toil hard for years to buy the house of our dreams. But if you thought that your job ends after buying a house, then you are highly mistaken! Buying a house is only half of the battle won. Setting up the house to make it comfortable is an altogether different ordeal.As a house owner, you have to make many decisions and one of the most important ones will be deciding between a storage water heater and an instant water heater. There are various parameters that you need to consider like uses of hot water, the price of the unit, energy costs, the area that is available for installing the unit and much more. In this article, we will be walking you through the pros and cons of both the types of water heaters and will also provide you with our thoughts over which one is the better option.

Storage water heaters

Majority of the water heaters available in the market right now are storage models. These units are sequestered tanks that can hold as much as 20 to 120 gallons of water that can be heated using electricity or gas burners.The water stored in the storage tank will get heated when you switch the system on and as you utilize the hot water, you will obtain a constant flow of hot water until it is almost over. Now that you know how a storage water heater works, let us take you through its advantages and drawbacks.


The installation charges of a storage water heating unit are quite feasible when compared to other models.
The operating system of a storage water heater is pretty simple, which means that you will be spending less on the maintenance and repairs.
In the long run, if the storage unit tends to breakdown, the repair charges are not that high.


When you choose a storage water heater, you have to be ready to pay greater energy bills. This is because in the storage tank if the water once heated is not utilized it just sits there and gets cold. And then when you put the system on again, it re-heats the water which in turn using up more energy. If you use these units in the colder months, they will function slower elevating your gas or electricity bills.
Storage water heaters require more space when compared to their instant counterparts. Hence, if you live in an already small space, a storage water heater might not be the best option for you.
This kind of water heater is not suitable for a house with many members, although every member will have enough hot water to use, the energy bills will rise dramatically as the unit is in constant use.
Storage units have a shorter service span when compared to instant units; they need to be replaced more often than instant water heaters.

Instant water heaters

Instant water heaters are also known as demand-type water heaters. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is because they provide hot water only as required. With them, you do not have to worry about the extra energy loss that is related to storage water heaters.Instant water heaters as the name itself suggest heat water without storing it. When you turn on the tap, the cold water is transferred to the tankless unit through a pipe. The water can be heated using electricity or gas and the heated water is directly supplied to the tap. With such a unit you do not have to wait for the storage tank to have enough water to heat, it is instantaneous just like its name!Now that you know how the instant water heater functions, let us take a look at the list of its pros and cons.


Unlike storage water heaters, instant units are highly energy efficient. If your home utilizes around 41 gallons on a regular basis, then the instant units can save up to 24% - 34% on the energy costs.
There is no denying the fact that the installation costs of an instant unit are higher than the storage ones. But on the brighter side, these systems provide you with a long and productive service life as they have lower operation and energy costs. In the simpler words, they will pay for themselves in the long run.
If you are short on space in your house, then an instant unit is just the right pick for you. Instant water heaters are small and can be easily installed even in a cramped up space.
One of the major benefits of an instant water heater is that you will not have to wait for the water to get heated. You will be able to get hot water instantly as and when you need it, all you need to do is switch on the system.


The installation charges of an instant water heater are quite high when compared to a storage water heater. Furthermore, if you are planning to replace an old unit with a new instant one, that too will be costly. Your plumber will require more time for doing that which in turn will increase the installation cost.
Instant water heaters cannot be used for diverse purposes, if you want to take a shower and do the laundry at the same time, it would be difficult for you to do so with an instant unit.

Which is the better option?

When you look at it from an economic and practical point of view an instant water heater is the best option for every house owner. Although it may have its own fair share of cons, the pros definitely outweigh them. So if you are planning to install a water heater in your house, you should definitely choose instant water heaters. They live up to their name and they can be trusted to provide you with a generous flow of hot water at all times!
  1. I have two washrooms and one kitchen not connected to main heating system. I want to install electric geyser for individual bathroom and kitchen. Which is better option, storage heater or instant one???

  2. It is really useful information, I was with a mood of buying storage one, but changed after reading this useful information.

  3. I like how you mentioned that the operating systems of hot water tanks are simpler so it's less likely to need maintenance and repairs. After such a cold winter, I decided that I would need a water heater so I can go back to enjoying my baths. It's also great that even if it would need a repair someday, it wouldn't be pricey.

  4. Does the pipes/coils of the instantaneous unit freeze especially in winter? Some say they have to wait till 9AM to get hot water because the system freeze. Also it has an issue of inconsistent temperature.

  5. It's great how you elaborated on how much energy a homeowner can save while using an instant water heater. I thought I was ready to handle all the constant bills and expenditures of being a homeowner, but nothing surprised me more than just how easy it is to come up with an extremely high electric bill. I've been trying my hardest to use appliances that spend less electricity, so if I can find a plumber that can help me install one of these instant water heaters, that will definitely help.

  6. I definitely liked your explanation on why instant unit water heaters are much more energy-efficient than their alternatives. Energy-efficiency has been something my family has had to consider recently since we're spending a lot more electricity working from home, so we're trying to cut down our bills as much as possible. If I can find a plumber in the area that can install one of these instant heaters for us, that will definitely help us out.

  7. The best part about these space heaters is their ability to provide quick heat up times, which make them ideal for heating smaller rooms. If you are heating a large room, then this type of heater is the best one for you. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes, which allows you to choose the best one that matches the size of your room.

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